The Importance Of Eating Breakfast

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Breakfast is a chart of meal that is often overlooked. Breakfast plays a vital role in our daily life and our essential meal of the day. Breakfast supplies enough amount of nutrient and energy which are required to help the growth of students. Mostly, breakfast takes at early morning around 6.00 a.m. to 10.00 a.m. Individual who always eat breakfast may care more about their own health than individual who skip breakfast. Eating breakfast will provide sufficient amount of energy needed by body to carry out all the activities of the day with a vigorous and productive. Amount of breakfast taken by each person is diverse. Normally, male students will take greater amount of breakfast compare to female students. This is because male students require …show more content…
Immoderate hunger on the late morning especially after they finished their study makes student take more meal that contain higher amount of fat. This caused lipid accumulated around their abdomen, and increase amount of cholesterol inside their body, which is a risk factor for heart disease. Skipping breakfast also may increase risk of obesity or make it difficult to reduce weight. Usually, students who always tend to disregard breakfast are more likely to face with obesity and heart problems. Kaprio, Keski-Rahkonnen, Rissanen, Rose and Virkkunen (2003) stated that breakfast skipping is related with various health compromising factors, such as overweight, and also with factors more loosely related to health-compromising behaviours. Through their findings it shows that students at age 16 have greater body mass index were significantly associated with breakfast skipping. On the other hand, ter-Bogt, Croezen, Haveman-Nies, Veling and Vischer (2009) also emphasizes that skipping breakfast, physical inactivity and heavy alcohol consumption were positively associated with overweight and obesity. Apart from obesity and overweight, it also may result in cardiometabolic risk. Possibility of student having stroke, heart problems and diabetes are known as cardiometabolic risk. According to Smith et al., (2010) shows that by disregarding breakfast for a long duration may consequence in harmful effects on cardiometabolic health. Hence, skipping breakfast may lead to various type of disease which can risk on student

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