The Importance Of School Lunches In Warren County Schools

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From what I have experienced in my community of Warren County, the breakfast and lunch provided by the schools are inadequate. These meals are often undersized, ill-prepared, or are non-existent. Though all Warren County schools students do receive free lunch, people still choose to pay for the prepackaged goods sold by the school to substitute the lunch offered. In the mornings, the breakfasts that I have seen have been continuously dismal. They are often small, sugary items such as Pop Tarts or cereal. In preparation for an important test, we are always told by the school that it is of the utmost importance that we eat a filling, healthy breakfast, yet they don’t provide one. Hunger or a sugar rush makes it harder for students to focus during the day, leading to missed assignments and lower grades. …show more content…
The lunches are required to have a certain amount of each food group. However, the two of the most needed food groups are often neglected. The vegetables served are overcooked to the point where the lack nutritional value or they are not provided at all. In my experience, our school lunches lack vegetables about half of the time. As for fruit, what is served is often soaked in a sugary syrup or is bruised and rotten to the point of being inedible. This lack of fruit and vegetables makes lunch especially difficult for those who don’t, or can’t, eat

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