The Role Of Dystopian Society In Ayn Rand's Anthem

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In today's society, people will sometimes read a style of book that is classified as utopian. And a utopia is by definition, a paradise. Now there is also a style of literature that is known as a dystopian story. Which is the opposite of a utopian story A dystopian story usually involves a society that looks like a utopia but is horrible on the inside. Normally these types of book entail someone breaking free and bringing down the dystopian society. This “hero is normally started on this path when the dystopian environment is too much for them and they break in a way. It is no surprise that in the book Anthem which is written by Ayn Rand that the main character's dystopian environment affects them by controlling human relationships, forbidding individuality, and looking down upon eccentricity.
The dystopian environments that control human relationships are common among dystopian works of writing. Human relationships are such a crucial part of today’s society and the society of the past. People
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Since most dystopian societies have a general cookie cutter idea of people. They do not really appreciate things that do not fit exactly into those shapes. Due to that, the eccentric people are usually outcasts, illegal, or more likely to be punished. These eccentric people that dystopias look down upon usually end up being the one to bring it down because they were looked down on. Dystopias normally make it appear that the eccentric people are mentally ill or challenged.”Where are you taking me?...To the Psychiatric Center for Research on Regressive Tendencies” (Bradbury 2). The Psychiatric Center for Research on Regressive Tendencies is probably one of the closest things in this dystopia to a mental hospital. They believe that he is mentally ill because he is not doing what everyone else is doing. They believe that because he does not have a viewing screen there is something wrong with

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