The Role Of Morality In Ayn Rand's Anthem

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What is moral and immoral is widely discussed upon in our ever changing world, and one’s perspective on the subject may change as their life progresses and they learn new truths about theirs and others’ lives. This concept of morality and how one’s view can change on the topic throughout their life is shown greatly through Ayn Rand’s novel Anthem and plenty of her other works. Anthem depicts a future in which the word “I” is no longer known. Every person is shown as a slave to the government and no one has any civil liberties. One’s life in this dystopian setting falls along the lines of this, birth, go to school, have the government choose your career (which you may never have any other profession nor life in general than what the government …show more content…
This is shown by “the great truth” taught to people of this society, which is that humans are not individuals, but merely constituents. This society painted in the novel is a look into what a communist society would look like, without any actual mention of communism throughout. People in this society are put into schooling, which eventually leads to the day where they are put in front of representatives of the government where they are told what their career would be, which they had no control over. In Equality’s case, he wished to be a thinker, but ended up being placed in a street-sweeping career. Since society was structured in this way, development was set back to the days before electricity, and for the world to develop at all, it would take ages. This was due to the fact that those who may have been great inventors and thinkers were stuck being mere street-sweepers or other lower-level careers, such as the case of Equality. He discovered electricity on his own, but when he presented it to the thinkers of society, they were appalled at the fact that a mere street sweeper would have the nerve to try and do something they were not meant to do, and even try to “ruin the candle business”. That of which had been booming because it was one of the more recent discoveries. Equality was sentenced to be executed, but he ran away into the forbidden woods, where he found an abandoned house from the “unspeakable

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