The Importance of Drinking Water Essay

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Drink Water Speech

How many of you, when you go to a restaurant and the waiter/waitress asks you what you want to drink ask for water?
How many you would select a glass of water out a fridge filled with soda, fruit juices, or beer?
My guess is probably not very many you actually choose water over the other options.
I used to be the same way.
I used to never drink water, and would always choose another beverage if I had the option.
However, after I began to hear about the importance of water in our lives, I began to choose water whenever I needed something to drink.
I am not saying I never have anything other than water when I am thirsty, but the majority of the time I choose water over any other beverage.
Today, I plan to
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Persuade you all to drink more water during the day

Background 1. Drink at least eight 8 ounce glasses of water (mayoclinic) a. Some people demand more i. Activity level, Age, Sex, Health Status b. Seems like a lot 2. Body made up of 60% water c. Example: weight 150, 90 pounds from water 3. Now eight 8 ounce glasses may not seem like as much d. Drinking this much water produces many benefits

Benefits 1. Improves energy, focus, relieves fatigue a. Due to Brain being 70% water 2. Promotes Weight loss b. Natural Appetite Suppressant (feel full) c. Contains 0 calories i. Causes less intake of calories from other drinks (soda) 3. Improves immune system functions d. Reduce chance of being sick e. Reduces change of heart attack according to study in Academic Journal of Epidemiology ii. Reduce by 41% if drink at least 5 glasses of water a day 4. Improves athletic performance f. Muscles don’t work well with inadequate amount of water g. Feel Fatigued 5. Removes harmful toxins from body h. Causes urination and perspiration which released toxins i. Causes regular bowel movement iii. Waste can be poisonous of not excreted 6. Important in transport of nutrients through the body j. Blood made up of 92% water k. Many water soluble nutrients iv. Only dissolve

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