The Importance Of Developing Relationships With Customers Essay

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1.1 Describe the importance of developing relationships with customers

Having a good rapport with your customers is extremely important for the success of any company. Having a solid relationship with your customers can help ensure that the business continues to progress and remain successful.
A good way to develop a solid relationship with your customers is to reward loyalty, by simply sending a thank you note or a money off voucher can help to build and maintain brand loyalty, it also helps to introduce incentives such as a customer loyalty program as it will help to entice customers to return.
By looking after your customers you can help to maintain steady product/service sales, a company that prides themselves on customer care is more than likely to remain successful by keeping their customers business.
Great customer relationships can help build brand loyalty and improve a business’ reputation, in turn, a satisfied customer is more than likely to speak positively about a business or rate it highly online.

1.2 Explain the value of customer loyalty and retention

Customer loyalty is extremely important to any business on a number of levels; a few examples of how customer loyalty can be rewarding are as follows:
Loyal customers are more than likely to give free advertising through word of mouth referrals, a customer who is pleased with the service they have received is more than likely going to recommend that business’ service to friends and family which will generate…

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