The Importance Of Cross Cultural Education And Training For Employees

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The Importance of Cross Cultural Education and Training for Employees in the United States
Leigh Ann Murphy
Touro University Worldwide
Executive Summary
This proposal was conducted to examine the importance of cross cultural training among managers and employees in the U.S. with the goal of cultivating strong relationships with our associates and clientele with cultural differenecs and foreign employees.
The research conducted draws attention to the most successful forms of managerial cultural training in relation to the hierarchy of cultural awareness. Studies have shown that most effective forms of training involve informational research, hands on role playing and emotional sensitivity training. These areas also address the three most important experiential learning theories for cross-cultural adaptation: concrete experience, active experimentation and reflective observation
It is recommended that the following be implemented:
1. Initial research projects for managers and employees regarding business customs and basic cultural preferences used in the foreign country of choice, to be presented to senior management. If there are cross cultural relationships already in place with foreign clients, these countries would be the starting point. These projects are a free learning experience for managers and employees to gain base knowledge of corresponding culture.
2. Strengthened HR relationships with managers and training programs to help avoid any culture shock or…

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