The Importance Of Arts In Schools

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Imagine a world without creativity. Imagine a world without inspiration. Imagine a world without self expression. These elements of individualism appear from what are known as the arts. Making their first appearance in youth education, the arts are vital to a child’s growth and development. But as time rolls on, the arts have been trashed, beaten, and thrown into a worthless junk pile. Schools are treating the arts like they are lambs to the slaughter. The next big hit songwriter could be sitting in the third seat of the front row of a fifth grade music class, but that situation never existed because the class did not exist… the world never procured the opportunity for greatness in this child. Consequently, a main target of defunding …show more content…
Music improves math achievement and proficiency, reading and cognitive development; boosts SAT verbal scores and skills for second-language learners. (Henry 1)
Arts have been proven to be nothing but positive in ways individuals can not imagine. Core subjects benefit from the arts. Students become more proficient in these subjects as time rolls on therefore creating a win-win situation. Academic scores are major in a school’s reputation and future. Academic scores are what keep schools open and functioning. Academic scores are improving because of the direct result of attention to the arts. Standardized and national test scores have shown that the arts make a difference. According to Americans for the Arts, “Students who take four years of arts and music classes average almost 100 points higher on SAT scores than students who take only one-half year of less (10 Arts Education Fast Facts, par. 3). Studies have shown the correlation between arts and test scores. In a well documented study, 25,000 middle and high school students demonstrated through their results, that being involved in an art program provided better standardized test scores (Raguso, par. 2). If schools are trying to improve their standardized test scores, then they need to keep the arts not take them

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