Sir Ken Robinson's Speech In Do Schools Kill Creativity?

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In his speech “Do schools kill creativity?” Sir Ken Robinson claims that the current education system is killing our children’s creativity. Robinson believes creativity is as important in education as literacy. However, schools are more focused on training kids to pass tests and go to college, rather than letting them think outside the box. He also talks about the different types of intelligence, and how kids learn in a variety of ways. Robinson explains how children are more intelligent than we think, but our education system forces them to learn in one specific way, without using their imagination to find answers. Schools teach students that there is only one answer to everything, and being wrong is bad. Any original way of thinking is shot …show more content…
Education should not be limited to the standards of math and languages. Once we realize the differences in intelligence of our kids, we can better prepare them for the future. I agree with everything in Ken Robinson’s speech, “Do schools kill creativity.” I believe creativity isn’t accepted in schools, and the arts are not as important as they should be. Standardized testing doesn’t include things like music and theater, and tests are written for one type of intelligence. Our education system should better prepare our children for the distant future, not just for college. The current school structure is a big fail in our education. Robinson pointed out that every child has a distinct way of learning. As a psychology student who has taken developmental courses, I agree with him. Our schools choose to focus on visual learning, which is only one way to learn, but so many children are falling behind because it is not the easiest method for them. For example, a “movement” student may find visual learning confusing or boring. Instead, we should find a way to incorporate all styles of thinking in our schools. This way, every child can have a chance to …show more content…
I think the arts, like dancing and theater, encourage creativity, but are the first subjects to disappear when funding is low. The arts should be as important as history, math, or any other standard subjects. Without the arts, society would not have movies, radio, Broadway, or other things so many people enjoy. By taking arts out of schools, I feel we are killing children’s imagination. When students take a standardized test, they are discouraged to come up with a creative answer to a question. Instead, students choose what’s on the paper, which is not original. Like Robinson said, education is just training students to get accepted to universities, not to be creative.
In conclusion, I feel a student’s creativity shouldn’t be frowned upon in school. There are many different ways children can learn in school, and that needs to be addressed. Teaching the arts is one way our schools can better prepare students for the future beyond college. The human capacity for learning is bigger than we make it out to

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