The Importance Of College Ranking

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College rankings
Nowadays, many prospective college students use rankings published by different institutions to pick the university of their choice. However, there are no certain proofs, accuracy and absolution in the rank listing. Each publisher uses different factors to measure the ranking; therefore, the results vary. Although, there are some similarities in the listing methods, and the factors measured by publications, the differences between the outcomes are outstanding. The main issues are, whether the rankings reflect the quality, or if the rankings cause an increase of the tuition, and yet the rankings might develop inequality among students.
The first issue is about whether rankings reflect school quality or not. While many people
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The academic opportunities of students from lower socioeconomic origins can only be restricted in a climate of mounting financial barriers. While these students will want to attend college somewhere in the system (given dwindling job opportunities for youth without credentials), they will have fewer attractive choices. (1434)
Consequently, the students, who are financially challenged, cannot afford to attend high-ranked schools even if they academically fit the requirements of the school. Yet, Plotinus’s Watt points out that the rankings are “fostering homogeneity” more than inequality. Rankings force colleges to be competitive therefore they develop and improve in limited areas causing colleges to be similar and uniform. Which she thinks is not necessarily a good thing. She says, “Our children are unique, and they should be able to go to the places that fit for them. There are no bonus points for being unique in U.S. News” (qtd. Karaim 9-10).
In summary college ranking is defined by so many factors and can be both positive and negative. For instance rankings might be reason of tuition increase in the last decade. Also rankings could partially reflect a true image of a college. At last rankings endorse inequality in the education directly an

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