College Students Learn In College

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Should every college student have the freedom to choose what they learn in college? Absolutely, they should. But if you focus your attention and energy on a single subject or vocation are you truly learning? Many students think of college as a stepping stone towards more money and a better career. Not as many go to college for the reason of acquiring knowledge, to learn for yourself what the truth is, to learn independence of mind. You should want to enrich your mind and expand your knowledge, beyond that of vocational training or the ambition to be proficient in one subject.
Many college students are attending college only because their job might require some certification or degree. For students like these, college is a place to grow in their career paths and eventually make more money. According to Louis Menand, staff writer for The New Yorker, our society is encouraging people to pursue career’s which promise “the greatest personal or financial rewards,” this means
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. . do better on the C.L.A. . . . while the students who score the lowest and improve the least are business majors.” They say that there can be many reasons for this, liberal arts students take more classes that involve reading and writing. They also are much more selective when it comes to picking out their colleges, which means they are “prepared academically” which “makes them more likely to

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