Global Water Cycle Essay

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Our world is 70.8% water. A human baby is 78% water. A grown human is 62% water. Clean water is essential to humanity. We cannot make more water than what we already have on Earth. Therefore, we need to keep it clean at every point in the global water cycle. The water cycle starts when water is evaporated from water sources, such as rivers, lakes, streams, and oceans. The evaporated water rises into the atmosphere to form clouds.
Then the water particles in the clouds condense and fall to the ground in the form of precipitation. When the droplets land, they go back to Earth's water sources and keep going through the cycle. At any point in this cycle, the water is susceptible to pollution and contaminants. For example, industrial waste, such
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The lack of oxygen in the water, or hypoxia, endangers the fish which will fight for survival or die.
The lack of oxygen creates a "dead zone." One of these dead zones exists right off the coast of Myrtle Beach. Pollution also affects life around the water. If an animal drinks water from a polluted pond, it can get ill and/or die. This is why we need to stop pollution once and for all. Pollution cycle (like the global water cycle) is filled with cause and effect relationships. Rivers flow into oceans. So if we contaminate rivers, the pollution will flow into oceans and cause additional harm. The water cycle moves these pollutants ruining much on its path and taking the lives of many vulnerable sea creatures. For example, a man on a run throws away his plastic water bottle and it gets blown into a river. Chemicals from the plastic seep into the water and contaminate the water. Fish in the water also become contaminated. This harms our food supply, too, not to mention other fish. Then the food chain comes into play. Other bigger fish will eat this fish, perhaps swim somewhere else, and infect another marine ecosystem. Oil spills also contaminate water, but the damage is usually much more

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