Summary: The Importance Of Childhood Vaccinations

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History has taught us a lot about the importance of vaccinations and what they can accomplish over the years. Medical researchers have invented vaccinations to prevent the occurrence of once fatal diseases, which has gradually faded away each generation until it was announced gone. Unfortunately, the vaccine preventable diseases that were once eliminated from the population are starting to resurface in scattered incidences. One reason for the easy occurrence of once eliminated diseases has to do with an increase in the lack of childhood vaccinations.
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Childhood vaccinations are quickly becoming a concerning issue within the U.S. healthcare system. Vaccines are created in an effort to protect the population from the impact
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They “rate the benefits of vaccinations to be substantially greater than potential risks” they may cause in the child, if there be any (Driver, 2015). Vaccines defend the child from contracting a vaccine preventable disease that has been eliminated in the U.S. Healthcare providers support childhood vaccinations even more now that an increase in the resurgence of many vaccine preventable diseases has arisen. In 2014 alone, “more than 28,000 cases of whooping cough were reported,” which can be highly fatal to young babies (“Protect Your Baby,” 2015). This number is concerning because whooping cough is a vaccine preventable disease.
Parents who refuse to have their child vaccinated argue “many once dreaded fatal infectious diseases have now essentially disappeared in the United States” (Driver, 2015). This perception is based on the parents’ lack of firsthand experience with these once fatal diseases, such as measles. They believe giving their children the vaccines to prevent diseases that have already been eliminated is redundant and unnecessary.
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Therefore, to increase childhood vaccination rates, advertisements should be aired on television and displayed on billboards to make vaccinations stand out more. Most parents who choose not to vaccinate their children believe certain diseases have been completely eliminated in the world. Unfortunately, even though the U.S. has been able to eliminate once fatal diseases, they still exist in other parts of the world. Travelers have the tendency to bring along these diseases with them and infect unvaccinated persons, more exclusively those who were not vaccinated as a child. Through better communication and information about the importance of childhood vaccines, we can reduce the number of incidents

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