The Importance Of Childhood Stages Of Life

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Your understanding of the importance of knowing your past as it relates to the actual age range you chose.

Looking back on life, there is something that I have learned that has stuck with me forever. This is that memories may fade but pictures last forever, as long as they are. When I was in foster care, my parents, foster parents, and workers made sure I was able to remember the things that I was involved in my early childhood stages of life. This stage is important to me because it reflects the on the days that I was in foster care. It also shows me the people who were associated with my life at the time. Although I may not have gotten to meet them, I need to be able to look back and get a clear picture of what was going on. Without
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You May want to look at the actives that the parents did with the child in the past and see if there are families who are willing to carry that tradition on. You may have also had a child who was baptized as a child, you may want to make a family who supports the Childs original religion, beliefs, and moral standing. There are some children who come in as babies so you may not have a lot to go off of. However, the children that come in at an older age was required to be able to be connected with things that are alike in their past. When you look at their life book you have to remember that they are currently in a tough situation. You always want to put them in the least restrictive environment, even if it 's not exactly the same, something that gives them a sense of self …show more content…
Not only because I could remember some of the terrible things going on but because I had to take pictures from my original book. My life book is probably one of my top possessions that I have. I also keep certain objects that I was given while in foster care. I not only felt overwhelmed at times but I felt joy, happiness, and peace. I also felt like there were so many people involved in my process that really did want to see the best of things. One picture had a bump that was on my brothers head. I began to cry because I could remember how that bump had gotten there. It was very sad to reflect upon it, however, I picked my head up and didn 't let myself feel these emotions too

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