The Importance Of Career Development Patterns For SEN Students

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.4 Need for programs that considers the gender, levels of physical and psychological disabilities and advantaged career development patterns for the SEN students
It is however also important to have an individualized program for each student that is specific to his/her need, or at least have different programs for each gender. Hsiao (2014) found that whereas the female students prefer humanity pattern and do better at artistic and social pattern, male students prefer mathematics and physics pattern and do better in realistic and investigative pattern. Compliance between female students’ choice of academic group and their advantaged career development patterns is also higher than in male students. The life adaptation of female students is also
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According to Hsiao (2014), SEN students are affected by the factors that are unfavorable to their career development, including lack of life experiences and early education failing to meet their needs. Family environment, school environment, and individual factors are among the factors affecting the career development of SEN students at the high school stage. Some SEN students don 't even plan for their future and suggest that their major does not comply with their future development hence seldom participate in employment activities (Hsiao, …show more content…
Guidance counsellor should therefore endeavor to assist them in their career development early enough (Kelechi & Ihuoma, 2011). People with disabilities, like other employees, do want to do good jobs, appreciate constructive supervision, enjoy new challenges and want to get ahead, and should be included in career development plans (Kelechi & Ihuoma, 2011). It is necessary for educators to be able to understand their unique needs and challenges, and also to tackle their problems by ensuring that necessary career information, plans, and activities are put in place to ensure that persons with special needs become adequately adjusted and successful in life. Kelechi and Ihuoma (2011) emphasizes that counselors have a role to play in helping the students and other clients cope with stress as they learn to develop new skills on an ongoing basis. College & Career Readiness & Success Center (2013) holds the family and the school staff accountable for setting up goals for students with learning disabilities. They also have substantial impact on the students in choosing the academic group. Rous, Myers and Stricklin (2007) also emphasizes the importance of a collaborative relationship for a smooth transition for SEN

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