The Importance Of CSR

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What is CSR?

Corporation social responsibilities (CSR) has been defined as a company’s ‘’status and activities with respect to its perceived societal obligation” (Brown and Dacin 1997, p 68). In the recent years, CSR has growing to be one of the main reasons why the societies views and actions have changed towards international companies. Approximately, more than 80% of the fortune-500 organizations address corporate social responsibilities issues on their sites (Esrock and Leichty 1998). In the recent years, this has increased the customer’s interest’s regards to fair trade and environmental issues towards company’s CSR activities. The effect of this has put a spotlight on CSR, which has also forced a growing number of corporations to adapt
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From marketing’s viewpoint, literature has recognized that companies benefit from CSR through getting customers positive product and brand evaluations.
Many recent academics argued about how CSR and corporation 's values have an influence on consumer behaviour. Christopher, Luke (2013) suggested that, “Values directly influence an individual 's beliefs on a wide range of topics, which in turn affect the individual 's (environmentally or socially directed) behaviour.’’ When companies know more about customer’s lifestyles and values can raise their capability and success of CSR programs. Hence, customers can consider motives as noble and perceive the activities more positively when a business engages in them in line with their values and lifestyles (Christopher, Luke, 2013). Another journal on CSR literature illustrates how consumers value the company 's that care about the reason it supports and that the organizations decisions to invest in CSR is driven by Altruism, Green and Peloza (2014, p2) “The CSR activity
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On the other hand, Nike who combined with London Department of Education were tackling issues such as school bullying and racisms by school sport programs by community based. This had an effect of mixed behaviors from consumers.

• Customers. The Body Shop had a massive impact on consumers when they first launched because the company was famous for its organic and non-animal testing values. However, after merging with ‘L’Oreal’. In 2006 people perceived that the body shop had no values left to serve as it emerged with a well-known company that was known for testing on animals.
• The environment.
The argument of Magdalena, et al, (2013) it is further supported by the ideas of Pe´rez, Del Bosque (2014) suggested that, CSR appearance has a big effect on consumer satisfaction. Moreover, the CSR image has greater impact on customer’s emotions as the research suggested a positive correlation between CSR image and customer satisfaction. Nevertheless, they argued that the study had limitations and may need to be addressed. However, a review of CSR literature shows a gap, as customers’ views of CSR are still uncertain to researchers and executives (Phole and Hittner, 2008). Precisely, they have not addressed any possible changes in the CSR’s potential amongst

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