Company Culture In The Workplace

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Every business enterprise develops its own culture over time. What sets a company apart is the intentionality of their cultural development, and the effectiveness of that company culture in motivating its employees to work hard while staying happy positive human beings. Whether your business is a handful of employees or staff of thousands, building a company culture that inspires productivity and individual satisfaction for every employee is key to longevity and success in the business world today. Here are some factors every owner can control that will help create a company culture that makes everyone want to work harder.

Be Transparent
A good leadership team makes sure everyone is informed and aware of how the business is performing at all
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Anyone who is starting work earlier and leaving later every day is also working on a fantastic case of burnout. While there are benefits to that kind of dedication in your workers, it can also cause long term problems that can negatively impact productivity. Your leadership team must set the example of how to balance a fulfilling personal life with giving their all at work. Make certain your employees understand that while what they do matters to your business, they also need to make sure they take care of their own well-being outside of work and “sharpen the saw” from time to time as well.

Show Trust and Encourage Independence
It is vital to maintaining a healthy corporate culture that you avoid micromanaging your employees at all costs. Give your people guidelines for accomplishing objectives, establish clear expectations, and then leave them alone and let them do their job. When you keep your employees informed and encourage them to use their own abilities and skills to go about accomplishing work in their own way, you are showing trust and confidence in their independence and capability. That trust and independence will motivate them to move mountains for you now and in the long haul.

Be Intentional About Your Use of Physical
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While many people who work in business can be more extroverted and work best in open spaces, it is important to remember that others are more introverted and work better in more enclosed personal spaces depending on the nature and needs of their function and job within the company. Keep these factors in mind when organizing your office space, and be certain to allow employees to choose what type of workspace they find most comfortable as much as possible. After all, if they don’t even enjoy their physical workspace, how can you expect them to be happy and

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