The Importance Of Being Restorative, Disciplined, Focused, And An Achiever

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As I read my strengths, I saw that being restorative, disciplined, focused, and an achiever can help me be more on top of things in regard to school and future jobs. As a person, everyone needs good skills in order to succeed in anything they do. In my situation, I need these skills in order to do better in school and eventually when I’m done with college I will need these skills for a job. Being restorative is a way of being able to solve problems and leading me to a solution. Being disciplined and focused is a way of being in control of myself. This helps me be more organized and know what I want and don 't want. Lastly, being an achiever helps me be on top of my things and always thinking ahead. This is something that I like about myself, but the unfortunate thing about being an achiever and all of the other strengths all together is that I have a tendency to stress out. I am a person who likes to have things done on time and actually know the material that I am given. Reading through my results, I was not unsurprised by what I got. It seems that I know myself a little more than I thought I did. This information is useful in the way that, this can be utilized through the four years or more that I will be in college. Knowing your strengths helps you to fully understand what you are capable of doing. It helps you see what you need to work on and helps you use the information towards what you can do to do better in any situation. This is often a good thing to…

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