The Importance Of Being From A Family Essay

970 Words Dec 5th, 2016 4 Pages
Being from a family that has never really been together, I have faced many challenges. As the youngest child, I never thought I would have to grow up faster than my older sister or go through all of the things I’ve had to. I have been tossed around, moved from house to house, and stuck in the middle of every fight since I was five. Now that I am older I look back and see why my parents are so different, why I have trust issues, and why I’ve had to mature at a faster rate. Maybe one day they can see how much damage they’ve caused. After being in college for about a month I realize how much I miss my dad and how he was always there for me. I remember him taking my sister and I swimming, letting us have friends over, and our trips to school every day. I was always excited to see him during lunch because I knew I would always get a “Hey kiddo, how’s your day?” and a great big hug. We only saw my mom on the weekends. I remember that she always slept until noon and never cooked us breakfast or lunch. We always sat around the house, watched TV, or cleaned. As a little girl that had a great sense of humor, I would often say things and not realize how rude they were. It would always make my mom cry and my dad would laugh at whatever I said then go back and say that I wasn’t being very nice. My dad understood me, but he always seemed to favor my sister more. I then felt like I needed to be around my mom all the time, even though she didn’t necessarily care about anyone but herself.…

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