Personal Narrative: It's My Family

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One dad, two moms, five sisters, two nieces, and five nephews. Not a common family, but it’s my family. My dad had another wife before my mom and had three daughters- Lisa, Kathy, and Bit. When my dad and his wife got divorced, he met my mom. Together they had Samantha and me. Growing up some of my friends had older siblings around Samantha’s age, but no one had a brother or sister Lisa, Kathy or Bit’s age. When I was born in 1999, Lisa was 23, Kathy was 21, Bit was 18, and Samantha was 5. I always thought it was cool to have older siblings, they taught me a lot- plus I got to play dress up with some awesome clothes.
In grade school, on the first day of school everyone has to say an interesting fact about them. I always said I have four older
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She’d tell me to never go out and party, but if I ended up drunk at a party to call dad. Lisa has a way of making everything seem light. I believe her free spirit has a lot to do with her being a cancer survivor. June 25, 2009 is a day most people remember. Many remember it as the day the king of pop, Michael Jackson, died. My family remembers it as the day Lisa was diagnosed with Leukemia. She went through tough rounds of chemotherapy, but she always found a way to make things happier. As she started to lose her hair, her mom thought it would be the end of the world for her. Lisa, as any person, was worried about losing her hair. She wanted to keep her hair, but knew it was likely going to fall out. After she lost most of her hair, our dad bought her a baseball cap that has fuzz on the top. He genuinely believed it was a good looking cap that she would like. When she opened the bag, she laughed and thanked dad her the wig. She didn’t realize it was a real gift dad thought she’d like. She and dad talked about their perspectives with tears from laughing soaked their …show more content…
So many people have sisters, but no one else has the sisters I do. No one grew up like I did in their earlier twenties because their idols were all so much older. Growing up with older sisters is one thing, but growing up with sisters who could be your mom is another. An Irish study on 600 youths, having at least one sister has a beneficial effect on happiness, being able to overcome difficulties, motivation and enjoying life (Womanology). Having a mom for a sister is having someone who will make sure you have more than enough fun, but also gets you home in one safe piece. I sit in my first college class at 16 years old and I am asked the dreaded question “what’s something interesting about yourself?”
I smile and proudly announce “I am the youngest of five sisters.” And the details surely

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