Importance Of Engaging Students In The Classroom

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There are so many things that go into being an outstanding teacher; I cannot list them all. Several important strategies and skills a teacher must use are: engaging students in the learning process, differentiating lessons for all students, reflecting on lessons and learning outcomes through appropriate assessments and teaching metacognitive skills. In addition, it is important to creating a genuine report with students to enhance these skills .
Beyond knowing the content well, the content must delivered in an engaging manner. This does not always mean entertaining, but it must engage the students in the learning process. To engage the students from the start, I believe students should understand where the lesson is going. Beginning the
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Differentiated instruction helps all students with varying ranges of skills. Chemistry is a difficult subject for most students. To start a lesson, prior knowledge needs to be assessed to find the starting point for the class. Content needs to be broken down into small chunks. This will help students who are at different starting points. For some students this may be overlearning and for others it will be a needed way to scaffold the lesson. Using graphic organizers to organize and connect knowledge is helpful for all students, particularly students who struggle. Small groups for practice allow students to work and learn together at different paces. Small groups also allows a teacher to give individual help where needed and assess when students may need extra help or attention. It is important to use informal and formal assessments to get to know each student’s ability for each new concept. Student’s abilities may differ with each new …show more content…
My assignment was to work with a group of students who were struggling with chemistry and created effective differentiated lesson plans to increase assessment scores. For two classes I was given a group of three and four students. I taught the mole topic. This is a topic that students consistently struggle with. I was happy to see all of these students did well (over 80%) on their final assessment and retained the information a week later on a whole class

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