The Importance Of Being An Effective Teacher Essay

786 Words Apr 26th, 2016 4 Pages
In the profession of teaching you must adapt and adjust to the surroundings you’re put in. Whether it’s dealing with your classroom, your colleagues, the administration, and the parents of your students. For this assignment I’ll go over the characteristics of being an effective teacher in the field of Physical Education. The philosophies and theories that I believe in with the methods I’d in the classroom. Between dealing with the ages groups I’d be with everyday or the age I’d like to be with. How I’d assess my classroom along with how I’d discipline my students. Along with what I’d personally like to accomplish in my classroom. As an effective Physical Education teacher I must be motivated, I love impacting students through motivation. It’s definitely a key characteristic in Physical Education. Motivation also goes hand and hand with encouragement. Having patience too, if you have patience you can accomplish many things if you 're in the right mindset. Being strict as a male teacher is also a key component many students and female co-workers look up to Physical Education teachers that are males are role models of the building. Students look for teachers that are willing to help, teachers that can maintain order and a teacher that can explain each and every practice until everyone understands. If I can use these characteristics as an effective teacher I can push students to reach their goals. In the I feel like my role is to take control. When dealing with students in…

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