The Importance Of Being A Young Child Essay

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Being Different As a young child, I didn’t think myself to be any different than my family. I figured my mom was my biological mom and my dad was my biological dad. My parents acted like any other parents would have acted. They took care of me, fed me, bought me clothes, and told me that they loved me. Why would I ever question them to be different? Little did I know that my outlook on life was going to change, for I was a little different, I was adopted. Being a child I didn’t see my parents as any different. In fact I thought I looked like them. My father is Japanese and my mother is Jewish. So when I looked at myself, I suppose I saw a Japanese/Jewish person. I didn’t see that I was Mexican and brown, and didn’t look anything like my family. I’m not sure if I really even cared at that time, I was too worried about typical children things like having fun. My parents had two biological children, Lora and Alisha. I was close to my sisters. They looked after me and we enjoyed each other’s company. My father worked for Idaho National Laboratory and my mother worked for the state taking care of foster kids. So growing up, I was used to a diverse home. Some foster kids stayed awhile and some only for a day. It never dawned on me, that I too was once one of those foster kids. As I got older and started going to school, I started to think more abstractly about the world around me. I started to notice skin colors and how some kids looked white, black, or brown. I realized I…

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