Analysis Of Lisa Lutz's Essay 'I Found My Biological Parents'

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She may not have been happy as to how the whole situation with her family occurred, but when looking through the paperwork, she realized how hard her adoptive parents worked to adopt her, and she appreciated that. Even though meeting her sister and learning about her life did not go as she imagined, she finally got the closure she wanted and needed.
There are, however, less understanding endings to finding birth parents. Lisa Lutz’s article “I Found My Biological Parents, and Wish I Hadn’t” talks about having nothing in common with either of her birth parents. Her mother was angry at first when Lisa contacted her, saying that it was a closed adoption, meaning once the child was adopted she no longer had anything to do with the child and the
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to me it feels like I was reading a book and it ends in the middle of the story. The pages are just gone, questions about the characters are unanswered. That’s how many kids that are adopted feel. Kids who are slightly older and are still in the system, or kids that didn’t have their parents die want to know their family. Yes, we understand that we were removed from our homes for good purpose, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t tare us away from our lives. We wonder what our birth parents could be doing, if they’re still alive. Internationally speaking, we will most likely never find out birth parents, and I think that eats at us the most. We want to know what happened. Adoptive parents don’t have anything to worry about. The adoptees still love you just as much as they did before they wanted to learn about their birth parents. Teaching someone to trust and love again is not easy, but eventually the parents get through to the children and it becomes a world full of new colors for the child. Yes, going through the process of adoption and taking care of children who don’t want any help is harder than imagined, but before the parents know it, it becomes worth the struggles that both the parents and children go

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