Two Sisters Perspectives

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Two Sisters’ Perspectives

“Why I live at the P.O.” by Eudora Welty is written in first person. The narrator, called Sister in the story, seems to use this work to express her feelings about the unjust treatment she has endured from her family. She also wants to justify her quick decision to move away from home. She hopes that her readers will see the mistreatment she has endured and applaud her for having the courage to separate herself from her family. If the story was told from Stella- Rondo’s point of view, she, just as Sister, most likely would try to justify her actions and get the readers to take her side. Stella-Rondo would describe how she was not the favored child and try to show that Sister, in fact, was treated more favorably. She
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When sister found out about the child, she said “Shirley-T. was, she was the spit-image of Papa-Daddy if he’d cut off his beard” (Welty 46). She also added later “She looks like Mr. Whitakers side to” (Welty 46). Stella Rondo would tell the readers the truth about the origin of the child. If it were truly adopted, she could give far more details about what led her to adopt the child and what she endured going through the adoption process. She would also describe how she felt when Sister accused her of lying to her mother about the child. Stella-Rondo would suggest that the reason she didn’t want to talk about the adoption was because she didn’t want her child to focus on the fact she was adopted. Stella-Rondo would accuse her Sister of making up lies, and make no mention the acquisitions Sister levied against her in regards to Papa Daddy’s beard and Uncle Rondo’s kimono. If the readers viewed Sister as the liar and actually discovered the truth about the child, it would diminish the intensity of the conflict between the mother, Stella-Rondo, and the Sister and weaken the story’s

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