Essay about The Importance Of Becoming An Elementary Teacher

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When being an elementary teacher, you are in general, feeding the children knowledge in a wide variety. Whether the knowledge is a set part of the curriculum or moral knowledge that would help the child benefit, you need still need to be well educated and acknowledgeable in all of the areas. Teaching elementary age children, they often find themselves looking up to you and you becoming their personal role model. Your abilities and knowledge tend to always amaze the children. Your confidence level is what could help encourage them, whether it is to work harder or the will and want to learn. Becoming an elementary teacher, first time teachers must realize most of the times you do not get to choose what you teach. From personal experience, my classmates and I got to choose our location and subjects we wanted to internship for. Unfortunately, my top picks were not available. Growing up math has and probably always will be my not so high point, with the desire to get as much experience under my belt I signed up to internship under a lady that taught fourth grade math and science. From my personal experience and talks with my mentor, many teachers do not get to choice what they pick to teach. With the circumstances of not always being about to make the decision on what topic(s) you will teach, your confidence in knowledge need to be excellent in all areas. With outstanding confidence in all areas this is a treat that will make you a successful elementary teacher. This not only…

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