Becoming A Game Designer Essay

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Do you ever play video games and wish you could be in it? There is a way to being a game designer. When you are a game designer you can create your characters. That’s not all you have to do. You need also need to create a storyline, methods to win or lose the game, maps, and audio for the characters. This is an awesome career that requires education, skills, and duties and allows a person to become independent. Having an education is the main part of becoming a video gaming designer. You need at least an associate degree or a bachelor degree in game art. For game designers, you need a high school diploma. Game designers should take computer science, programming, and art. You could take one of them but to get a good chance it would help to …show more content…
To start a new game you first need to create a storyline and characters. Game designers need to design any special moves that character may have. When you are done for the day you need to document the games progress. When you have a good idea about what the game is about it’s time to make the game. The creators need to create the software and start programming. When the game is complete you have others play it and see what they think of the game. That’s the most important part of designing a game. Being a video game designer will also help you be more successful as a person. Multimedia, …show more content…
Your pay starts out to 21.79 to 62.36 dollars depending on the position. As you make your way up you can get raises if you do a great job. The yearly salary of a video game designer is 45,320 and goes up to 129,700 dollars. As a game designer, you get benefits like financial benefits which include an annual bonus. Ninety-nine percent get medical benefits and ninety-three percent get dental benefits. Eighty-four percent get access to their retirement plans. A video game designer usually works thirty-five or more a week depending on the deadline. Video game designers sit at their desk in front of a computer the whole day or attend meetings. It is very difficult to get in the gaming industry and you have to be very talented. Most people who want to be a game designer get rejected because they don’t meet the standards.

Video game design can be a stressful job because you have to have a good education, skills, and duties. Your education is very important because you need a ton of knowledge for this job. Video game designers are very skillful therefore you need to have skills in that field. You also have a lot of duties and responsibilities in that field. If I work very hard I may get to be a video game

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