Becoming My Goal

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Becoming a practitioner scholar in the field of psychology is about being knowledgeable. This is an important vision to me as I have worked very hard to get to this point. I know that there will be obstacles that may hinder me from accomplishing my goals. However, I do understand that there are ways to overcome those obstacles. With my action plan that I have designed for myself, I am confident that I will achieve my vision. I plan to achieve, my vision in a timely manner. As I continue to do my research on the field of counseling an d learn about this field I began to get excited about reaching my goals. There are several requirements that I do have to adhere to before reaching my vision and getting licensed. With proper knowledge about …show more content…
I would like to counsel everyone from, adolescents, teens, and as well adults. I do not want to limit myself on who needs help in the world. I am confident that I will gain the knowledge and skills to help me counsel every individual. Some of the settings that I prefer to work in would be a therapist clinic or office. I would also like to work in a foster care or group home setting. These settings seem the most comfortable for me and I would be able to work with the individuals closely and alone without much distraction. The setting that I would like to ultimately end up in, would be my own practice. Some of the areas that I would like to specialize in as a counselor, includes child development and mental health illness. Nevertheless, although I do not want to limit myself to any particular specialization, if I had to choose then I would choose those areas. I would choose those areas because I love working with children and their developing interest me. I have worked with a group of children with a mental illness and from that point forward I began to do my research in that area as well. I would like to go on to achieve my doctoral degree, after I have completed my master’s degree. If I do not go on to get my doctoral degree, I would like to get my masters in another field of psychology. I would like to gain as much knowledge as I am able to in the field of psychology and counseling. Psychology is an ever changing field, so it is important that I am knowledgeable and be able to keep up with modern

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