The Importance Of Artistic Tasks Outperform Nonartistic Tasks For Stress Reduction

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The title of the article being critiqued is “Artistic Tasks Outperform Nonartistic Tasks for Stress Reduction”. The title of this article does not describe the type of the study performed but in the abstract the authors state that the study performed is a “between-subjects experimental study” (Abbot, Shanahan, & Neufeld, 2013, pg. 71). Although the title does not give a good description of the type of study performed it does give a good description of what the article is going to intel. The major variables in the study are identified in the title of the article with the independent variable being the type of artistic task, whether it is artistic or non-artistic, and the dependent variable being stress reduction. The population of the study is not identified in the title, but is later identified in the methods section. The population of this study is identified as undergraduate students at a University in central Canada. The problem in this article is clearly identified. The authors state that stress can occur when the demands of certain situations hinder a person’s ability to cope. As stated by the authors stress has been linked to the “reoccurrence and onset of conditions such as depression, bipolar disorder, and psychotic disorders” (Abbot, et al., 2013, pg. 71). Although stress is a normal occurrence in everyday life drawing, painting and sculpting could help decrease stress levels. This problem is significant to nursing because of the link between stress and the…

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