Privacy Vs. Security Essay

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On February 16 Apple released a letter to all Apple customers explaining why they will not help the FBI create a back door to all iPhones. This poses a question to all smartphone users, whether privacy is more important than security. Apple stated that they will help the FBI try to find the passcode however, someone reset the phone which makes it harder. Privacy is crucial to America and the government should not get involved with citizen’s privacy because it violates our individual rights.
On December 2014 Syed Farook and his wife Tashfeen open fired at a Work Christmas party in San Bernardino, California as a part of a terrorist attack killing fourteen and wounding twenty-two ( Willens, 8). Investigators looked for personal electronics that
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In October 2015 Apple opened a phone for the FBI when given a subpoena prior to iOS 8 (Willens, 12). However the FBI wants them to create a back door but they don’t have the technology to make a back door to iOS 8. The FBI brings up the All Writs Act of 1789 as their defense (Cook, 17). The All Writs Act of 1789 is used when the federal judge can make an individual do something within the limits of the law (Gent 6). This defense has caused many arguments regarding whether taking away law obeying individual’s privacy is within the limits of the law. However, if the department of justice force Apple to hack the phone the government would be violating Apple’s first amendment rights as a business (Willens …show more content…
James Comey, the FBI director, discussed that this problem should not be solved by a company that sells phones or by an agency that protects citizens but rather by the people their trying to protect. It should be up to the American people to choose what means more to them, security or privacy (Willens, 6). On the contrary, Apple believes that creating a back door could potentially cause the FBI to use that backdoor for evil. They would be allowed into anyone’s iPhone whether they were allowed to or not. Also, they could allow spyware onto users phones at any time. This can also be used to make other smart phone companies obligated to allow the FBI access into people’s phones. Darrell Issa, a Southern California Congress authority or security, told CNBC once Apple is forced to open the iPhone, they will be forced to do it again (Willens,

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