Animals In Zoos Research Paper

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Animals are born in the wild. They do not deserve to be locked in a cage like prisoners. It is not right. They do not do anything wrong. So why should humans hunt them and put them in cages and make others look at it? Animals are god’s creatures just like us. Imagine being locked up in a small cage, not getting enough food to eat and living in a dirty and poisonous place. I bet anyone cannot live like that for a day. It’s very wrong. Even it’s better for a person to live in a prison than animals living in cages. In Jail, at least people still have a toilet to urinate and defecate. And also, in jail, people can still walk around the basketball court and eat something that is not so bad. This essay will explain how animals are tortured in a zoo by being locked up in cages, not having proper nutrition and living in a dirty cage. And again, this is far worse than jail for human.

First of all, animals in Indonesian zoos are locked in small cages. According to the international organization of zoos, cages must be at least the size of 100’ x 100’. But instead, in Indonesian zoos, the size is only 20’ x 20’. This is not right. Can you imagine living in a small cage where you can’t move anywhere and be miserable for the rest of your life? There’s nothing they can do. They
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According to the University of New South Wales, cages must be cleaned for at least once a day. And in Jakarta, it looks like its not been cleaned for weeks. Animals there have rashes that are surrounded by flies and mosquitos. That is because; the animals are not clean. The zookeeper does not even care about the animals. Also, the cages are not clean as well. The railings in the cages are filled with monkey saliva and it is rotten. This could harm our animals. Monkeys are nearly extinct in Indonesia. So, we must take care of them. Also, states that a small tiger in Surabaya Zoo died from bad

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