Essay about The Importance Of Alexander The Great Of History

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This essay aims to present the importance of Alexander the Great within the history. This character represents one of the most important characters of the history; not only of the past but also to the present, his achievements transcend until our days. It is interesting to observe how the outside facts and events that made large figure of Alexander. There are many historians and thinkers who have focused in investigate and analyze the mental aspects and personal of this character. These investigations aimed to understand Alexander as a person and to understand how could he performed such feats.
Alexander was born in 356 BC and was the son of Philip II, who was king of Macedonia. For this reason, Alexander’s education was integral and always disciplined; he was destined to be a king. Together with Alexander, the son of the noble Macedonians, who in the future would become his men of confidence, was educated with him. In the year 338, Philippi achieved to unite the people of Macedonia; at the same time, that achievement formed a formidable army that was the support of its government (Bosworth).
It can be deduced that Philippi was looking to unify the people from Hellenic, which were always in conflict with each other. In a big league, which was lead against the major enemy of Greece: the Persians. However, to achieve this, it was faced with the refusal of cities such as Athens or Thebes which joined together to resist the Macedonians; however, in the long run, it failed to…

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