How Did Alexander The Great Impact The Ancient World

The life and history of Alexander the Great, and the empire that he formed, has been studied by people ever since his death. Alexander’s empire ruled over a large portion of land from Greece in the west to India, in the east. His actions brought an end to the long standing conflict that the Persians and Greeks had with each other, established multiple cities that bore his name across the land that he conquered, had a major influence on future rulers, and had remnants that lasted until the time of the Roman Empire. Alexander not only had a prominent place in history, but he also contributed to advancements in military tactics of the ancient world. The life of Alexander had a far reaching effect on world history that lasted for centuries after his death, and the study of his life can help a person understand various facets of history that were inspired or influenced by his actions. It is important to understand the previous conflicts that had …show more content…
The most prominent of the cities he established was probably Alexandria in Egypt, which would become one of the largest and most prosperous cities of the ancient world due to its location and harbor. The culture of the lands that he captured was also impacted; the process of Hellenization attempted to spread the culture and political institutions of the Greek peninsula to the rest of the empire. One civilization that existed centuries after the life of Alexander was also heavily influenced by Hellenization; this civilization was Rome. Even though the Italian peninsula was never ruled by the Macedonian Empire, the Romans could attribute much of their culture to Hellenization. This process of spreading Greek culture to other civilizations was possible due to the accomplishments of

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