The Importance Of Academic Concepts

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To sum up, my experience of realizing the mindsets that existed and understanding they have helped my academic journey not only a bit more a lot. From hating school to liking it is a change and it’s brought me to now even have a dream to go to a university that I never even thought I would be able to go to. The doubts are what makes me want to get better and stronger. I want to prove them wrong and I will keep believing even if I’m going through an obstacle that’s trying to pull me down, I know that there is a way to get back up. Even if someone says that I can’t reach my goal I know that there’s always another way to get there and my brain also knows it too but you should remember it as well. As shown above, the potential of what you can do …show more content…
School wasn’t the best place I would choose to be at back then. I didn’t like most of the factors about school. One of the reasons was because in middle school our class had a test every week that our math teacher gave us in the beginning of the class. Back then, I had a mindset closer to a fixed mindset because I didn’t even bother about trying to study or review for my test since that was what everyone else was doing anyways. As usual I would always receive a passing grade which was just enough for me. The highest in my class was a student with a B, so, I thought that it wasn’t a problem since everyone else in my class was getting just about the same grade as I was. However, one day my math teacher would say that that he would be posting our grades on a poster that would be available for everyone to see in the class before class starts. From that moment we all started panicking. One, because it was out of nowhere, and two, since in middle school maintaining a good reputation was kind of one of the most important factor/thing it had us getting nervous. I saw students teasing another just because they were not good enough at something before. If I think about it now I think it was such a bad thing and someone should of stood up to help encourage them instead of making fun of them. That aside, this somewhat motivated most of the students in our class making them start studying so that they could show the difference of what they are capable of. I was also pressured as well and without a choice I had my mind thinking that I had to do something about it too, so, I studied. Then, for the first time that I ever attempted to study for a test resulted to actually feel good. I didn’t expect that I’d be getting a good feeling so it gave me a lot of confidence that I could say out loud that I really did understand the subject. Then, on the test day we had our

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