The Importance Of Abortion Out In The Light

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Abortion Out in the Light
Every day, 125,000 children lose the chance to experience life, and 50 million a year, all due to abortion. Abortion is the deliberate termination of one’s pregnancy, in simpler terms, the abandoning of a child before it is born. There are many different types of abortions, including surgical abortion, which involves physically removing the fetus and other related material from the body. Another form of abortion comes with taking pills or other medicines to cease the formation of the child. All of these different ways end in the same result, with the child that has already been created not having the chance to birth. Proving to cause social chaos in whether or not it should be outlawed or remain illegal, abortion has been continued on a legally accepted basis. As a country that is founded upon equality among all citizens, abortion should be ruled illegal, as it is under the same pretenses as murder, is immoral , and takes away the rights of defenseless children to live.
As abortion is the ending of a child’s life inside of its mother, the actions that are taken in this process resemble those of murder. Murder most commonly refers to the
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This also means that the mother or person performing the surgery is guilty of relieving the child of rights that everybody who has been living has, which is not fair to the child itself. The mother and child are both separate individuals from the very beginning, or conception (“Abortion”). This means that although the child is inside of its mother, the child is its own being, and has all of the rights that the mother has as well. Although the child is not able to communicate or show any signs of sense, it is still given rights according to the laws in which all Americans live under, and should be respected as

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