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When I learned that we had to conduct an interview of a teacher I knew instantly which teacher I would interview. Susan Raleigh was one of the most influential teachers for me in my junior high career. There was just something about the way she taught and treated her students that made everyone respect her. She was taught me for all three years of junior high as well as my younger brother Kody. During my senior year she let me assist in teaching and tutoring her 8th grade math class, which I absolutely fell in love with I believe that her teaching had an impact on me choosing this field of work. She is one of the most inspirational teachers I know and I’m glad that I’ll get to share her story. Susan Raleigh has been teaching for over 37 years in the Little River school district and that’s probably why she is so good at it. In those 37 years, she has taught sixth, seventh, and eight grade language arts, literature and math every single year. She has also dabbled in PE and health for a few years for sixth, seventh, and eight graders. So over the course of her teaching career she has done a little bit of everything. When asked what her favorite class was to teach she said …show more content…
Her eyes twinkled the entire time as she recollected her memories and reasoning’s on deciding to be a teacher. Susan came from a family of educators, and she grew up going to the classroom and working with her mother. She said that her favorite part was unpacking all the supplies and getting ready for a new year because it like Christmas to her! She said that she loves the ability to be as creative as she wants in the lesson plans and in decorating her classroom. I’m not much of a decorator, but I hope to be as enthusiastic as her in the future. Interviewing Susan definitely opened my eyes to what it takes and the commitment needed to become a successful teacher, but I think I’m up to the

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