The Importance Of A Teacher And Being Around Kids Essay

987 Words Nov 3rd, 2016 4 Pages
Being eighteen and trying to figure out what you are wanting to do for the rest of your life is a major and a life changing decision, in my viewpoint. So when deciding what some of my career options were I had to think about the things I have always enjoyed since I was little, those being traveling, animals, and being around kids. For me, it is hard to think about life and what the next step will be and the steps I will need to take to get there in the first place. By taking this class I was able to experience what is it like to be a teacher and being in the classroom setting and not just having to imagine it, which in the end will help me decide if this is the correct path for me or not. For this assignment, I was allowed to pick out five different classrooms in five different schools as long as they were under the age of 3rd grade. I’m sure some decided it would be best to focus on one age that they are the most interest in possible teaching, but I wanted to see the different ranges and how much can change in a year. I for one am not sure of an age level yet so it just happened to work out that I was in the range from three-year-olds to third graders with the class sizes ranging from eight kids to twenty-two. With each age comes a different level of education which need to be achieved in each school year. It is a teacher job to figure out a good schedule for the students to follows as well as making sure they will have the time to get everything done on time, as well…

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