Career Classes In High School

Getting a head start on your future
Would adding career classes in high school benefit students and get them ahead start in life? Many students are contently complaining that they take classes they do not need. What if high schools add classes that would get students a head start in college? If there are a lot of students would the same the career path or if they need a certain class to take for their career then high schools should add class to help them get started. Instead of taking classes that students know they won’t benefit from high schools should add general classes that most students will need to take in college for their careers. Adding useful classes in high schools such as a career or college class that most students will benefit
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You get an advance look at what that career would be like. By taking the class, you can see what it’s like and if you like it or not. You can see what that felid would be like. Taking college classes in high school on what career felid you can see if you want really do like and want to continue with that field in college or not. “About 80 percent of students in the United States end up changing their major at least once, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. On average, college students change their major at least three times over the course of their college career” (Ramos). By taking these classes, you are able to see what careers suits you and what you like. If high schools add these classes instead of classes students don’t really like nor need, they can see their career felid they want to get into and get started on classes they would have to take in college and if they don’t like it they can change their mind on the career path they wanted then not like it and change it and wasting $1,000 of dollars on classes in college.
When kids switch career paths in college after taking classes it does not only wasting so much money on taking those but now it is going to take longer to graduate. By taking the classes in high school, the students can avoid these
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The schools should spend the money on important classes like these. Students will spend less money and less time in college and get their degrees and diplomas faster when they take the classes in high schools. So high school should add college classes to help the students out in their future so they can get a bigger opportunity to get start with their careers faster. Students save a lot of money by taking these college classes in high.
By taking these classes, the students by the time they get into college will not only have college already but, maybe even some of their classes done with as well. College classes in high schools are a good thing and more high should invest in adding them instead of other classes that students would not benefit from. This one change can help out a lot with student’s decisions in college and help to decide what works for them and what they have to change before getting into to college.
These will not only benefit the students looking forward to college but it will help out they parents too because they won’t have to spend as much if the student does decide to change career paths. It also helps them to figure out what college would be best suitable for them in the career they have chosen to go in. These classes would help to save a lot of time in the students’ life and make their college experience easier for

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