Essay about The Importance Of A Special Education Teacher

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Disabilities Are we defined by what we look like? Does everyone around us decide that we are this way and not any other way? What about all those other factors that need to be considered? To look at me most people think that other than a little overweight, there’s not a lot wrong with me. Do we as teachers and adults do the same thing to our students? I once took a graduate level class for an organization by the name of LA GEAR Up that made me take stock of how I perceived others. As a special education teacher, I have observed students with their pain and their joy and how we seem to share them both. The lessons were on a level that the students could comprehend with their different disabilities, but then I had to tackle the administration of the school in order to give my students an even playing field in the game of life. The unusual problem I encountered was that I had to convince many of my students that they deserved the chances I fought to give them. As an English teacher in the high school setting, I find that I admire a special student for having what could be considered the opposite reaction. She has faced adversity in her young life that would break a lot of older people. Abby was a normal child that was loved by all who knew her. This all changed one night a few years ago. On that momentous evening the fabric of her life was changed. She lost not only her parents but also the use of the lower half of her young body. To many people in the same…

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