The Importance Of A Special Character Or Thing Located With The Aid Of The Speaker

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Used to identify a special character or thing located with the aid of the speaker."that 's his wife over there" relating to a targeted thing beforehand acknowledged, identified, or understood. "that 's a just right proposal" used to establish a particular character or factor observed or heard with the aid of the speaker. "look at that man there" relating to a certain factor earlier mentioned, identified, or understood. "he lived in Mysore at that time" to such a degree; so. "i would not go that some distance" introducing a subordinate clause expressing a announcement or speculation. "she said that she used to be satisfied" expressing a desire or regret. "oh that he would be restored to health"BEIRUT, Lebanon — the us military recounted on Saturday that its warplanes had carried out an airstrike that the Syrian executive mentioned killed its troops in the jap province of Deir al-Zour. American navy officers said the pilots within the attack believed that they have been targeting the Islamic State .Russia’s protection ministry mentioned the us assault had killed sixty two Syrian troops, wounded 100 extra and opened the way in which for an Islamic State offensive. The American navy stopped short of admitting that it had hit Syrian forces. A announcement via usa primary Command said that planes stopped the attack after a warning from Russia that the strikes could be hitting Syrian troops. If the episode took situation as described by means of Syria, it could be a fundamental…

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