Why I Need A Scholarship Essay

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What is the limit of our possibilities? Who I will be in life? Many of the readers of this paper will automatically and maybe even unconsciously respond to themselves: Try to reach the top, try to go as far as you can. The most bohemian will say follow what your heart tells you to do, seek happiness. Some others will wisely say, do what you love to do, money will come by itself. The truth of all of that, (or at least my truth) is that none of them are completely right. Every person is a unique individual and the process of seeking his truth is called life. What works for some might not work for others. But in this brief essay I hope I transmit to you why having a Scholarship at Reynolds it is important to me. As a Reynolds student, I want …show more content…
I want to know more about how to manage a company, I want to create a strong network of contacts and finally I want to access the labor market inside the U.S. And the easiest way to do it is through my education. Once I finish my associate’s degree, I intend to transfer to UVA or to William and Mary and finish my bachelors. Meanwhile, my objectives are to accomplish my studies and to plan and start working on my business idea. I have always been an ambitious person with great dreams and imaginative projects on my mind. Organization and time management are skills that I am slowly developing, to be able to attend all my personal goals, but thanks as well to the supportive environment that I found in Reynolds I am successfully walking the steps of my plan. Applying and obtaining a scholarship would facilitate transferring process to other colleges. I believe that in order to obtain a scholarship you have to show an ambitious attitude. First, having excellent grades and second being proactive in the college community. I intend to pursue those two objectives while I am at Reynolds. I intend to foment a learning environment with my peers and my teachers and obtain excellent grades. But I also want to participate in the different extracurricular activities that Reynolds

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