The Importance Of A Public Safety Agency Essay

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Most emergency services organizations are subordinate to an itinerant government structure, which often means that new ideas and policies are continually presented. This constant call for change can present many challenges to the organization. Other challenges whether the change in leadership is temporary or permanent becomes placing trust in leadership. Although there are many challenges to a public safety agency that can present change; change can be extremely smooth when it is presented in a clear and precise manner.
Lisa Quast of Forbes (2012) states “Many people like to joke that the only constant in business is change, change has an interesting way of affecting people that can often result in resistance” (“Overcome the 5 main reasons people resist change,” para. 2). When presenting changes that affect employees there are many different factors that should be considered by the supervisor. The supervisor must consider the amount of pressure being placed on the subordinates. A similar issue is ensuring that proper emphasis is placed on the change. A creative approach to implement change is the involvement of employees’ input into the discussion. Input from the people actually performing the tasks can identify challenges that employees routinely face, but as in the case of a public servant or emergency responder, it could save a life. For example, if a firefighter that notices that the hoses dried in the sun degrade faster than those that are allowed to dry…

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