The Importance Of A Project

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I remember sitting in a surrounded by a sea of new faces; We sat in groups of four at our respective tables. The room was dark and the only source of light came from a projector. On the projector, I read “intro to typography” in bold typeface. There was slight murmuring going on all around me but was finally pulled to a hush when our instructor walked in. He’s the kinda guy that doesn’t have a huge tolerance for nonsense and whining kids. Thankfully for him (and me), this group didn’t consist of any. My instructor looked from his to his right and said, “Alright knuckled heads; listen up!” immediately the remaining voices of idle chit-chat dispersed until there was nothing but silence. I saw him lift his raise his arm and point at the projector …show more content…
My project was coming along nicely—which was a bit of a surprise given my history. Anyways, the project was due tomorrow so I spent the entire day making sure everything was in order; It got my final okay so I submitted it. I only had one thing on my mind that night: perfection. The next day, I was feeling pretty good. Everything was ready to go so all I had to do was wait for my turn to present. I sat at my usual name until I heard my instructor call my name. I remember feeling a little light-headed when he said my name; I was super nervous. I stood up and walked to the front of the class, gave my introduction and moved on to the presentation. I clicked through my screenshots and talked about each one for a second before moving on to the next. So far so good, things were going well. How did I know this? Simple, my instructor didn’t stop my presentation to point out an error like he did with others. I could tell by how he just sat there and looked at me; he was genuinely impressed with my work. At the end of it, he stood up and glared at me. He said “Jesse, did you come up with all of this?” I of course nodded my head like an idiot. “This is pretty damn good, son”. With that last remark, he sat back down and everyone applaud me for my hard work. It was right then and there that I thought could work in this field; I went off of that momentum and never looked

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