The Importance Of A Pediatric Nurse 's Job Essay

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Everyday people are sick or injured and must go to doctor’s offices or hospitals. Nurses are needed here to help treat these patients and care for them in their time of need. “More women work as nurses than in any other job profession besides teaching” (Segovia-Bain 4). This showing how important nurses are in the work field. Throughout the country there are so many sick kids that need medical attention. A pediatric nurse’s job is to care for these children and help comfort their parents in their time of need. Pediatric nurses have to spend many years in school to get the jobs they have today. Throughout their days, pediatric nurses do many tasks for their patients depending on where they work. They are always on their feet and are willing to help whenever it is needed. Pediatric nurses spend many challenging years completing their extensive schooling, only to become certified and work even harder in their demanding career choice, but the rewards in helping patients and their families far outweigh the difficulty.
In the beginning of a pediatric nurse’s journey she must complete schooling and classes to become a successful nurse. A pediatric nurse must first graduate from high school and then go on to college so she can get the degrees needed (Becoming 1). While in college she must be very successful and get good grades in her courses. A person wanting to become a pediatric nurse will need her masters degree in college. A bachelor 's and associate’s degree are also necessary…

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