The Importance Of A Patient Of Diverse Cultural Decent Essay

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The purpose of this paper will provide a better understanding of how to interact with a patient of different cultural decent. In this paper I will report on the information gathered in the cultural interview I have conducted. The topic that will be covered is cultural heritage and how it has affected the interviewee. I will discuss the census information and the environmental factors that influence this particular culture. The communication and personal space varies between cultures and can play a big role in patient interaction.
Description of the Person and Cultural Heritage
The individual interviewed for this cultural assessment is Carlos Javier Lara Alvarez. He is a single 28 year old male of Guatemalan decent. His mother and father are both Guatemalan. He has two brothers and one sister. Carlos was born in a rural area of Guatemala and lived with his mother, grandmother and aunts on his mother’s side. He did not have a father figure in his life. At the age of 11, he and his entire household moved to the United States. The family lived in Orlando, Florida for five years. Carlos’ mother and her 4 children then moved to Burton, Ohio, where they lived until 2013. At the age of 26 he moved to Arkansas on his own. He now lives in a large city. (C. Lara, personal communication, July 1, 2015).
Present U.S. Census Data Related to the History of the Person’s Ethnic Group in the United States
The most recent census information regarding Guatemalans is 2011. According to the…

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