The Importance Of A Math Tutor For Freshman Students Essay

1309 Words Dec 13th, 2016 6 Pages
The only way to gain experience is to put in the hours, and Gustavus Adolphus’ study buddy program creates the ample opportunity for future educators to spend time volunteering in classrooms as part of a service learning experience. There were a variety of openings avaible this semester to interact and observe the daily events that take place inside of a public school. I personally took advantage of a need for a math tutor for freshman students as part of study hall at St. Peter High Middle and High School. Once a week I volunteered through the guidance counselors to tutor a one boy and a girl in pre-algebra. Our meetings usually consisted of me going through their homework with them and explaining any concepts they had questions on in class. About half the time the two students I worked with did not need any help that week, so I supplemented my time volunteering in a special ed. Classroom where students had a more supervised study hall. My job usually consisted of supervising homework or helping with research. Through study buddies, a service learning experience, I was able to experience and reflect on seemingly basic, but extremely important teaching skills due to my continual presence as a tutor at the high school for math. I developed a stronger understanding of how to teach students skills and pattern recognition and to have confidence in their abilities while maintaining a professional relationship in the situation. One of the skills I always took for gradient was my…

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