The Importance Of A Good Role Model Essay

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A good role model is proud and keen to lead by example and not supervise via a 'do as I say, not as I do ' approach. To say one thing and do another does not gain respect from your employees or co-workers. It paints you as a hypocrite and not a trustworthy person. It is important to be approachable for your employees. They come to you for advice, guidance, conflict and knowledge. Presenting them with an attitude or body language which says you are not in the mood to talk to them means they have no one to rely on come the need for assistance. A good role model should be honest, reliable, trustworthy and have the time for their employees when they need you. Being compassionate and friendly creates that report with staff that will show them that they can trust you and confide in you if need be. By being genuine and not competitive it is easier to present yourself as a positive role model who your staff can turn and look up to for leadership.
To be an effective leader there are a couple of traits that you must exhibit. Employees prefer their leader to show integrity – to be fair, and honest and candid. It is an important set of skills in order to gain trust from your staff and co-workers. Being a genuine and upfront person is not difficult to do and it is easier for your staff to follow you and work with you if you treat them with the same respect as you wish for them to show you. Another important skill is to have good communication. Communicate regularly with your staff about…

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