Essay on The Importance Of A Good Parent?

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A good parent can be defined differently depending on the person you ask, there is not just one simple answer. As children grow up, they usually spend a good portion of every day with their parents. Everything the parents do and say, the child absorbs it in their brain. Children will eventually begin to get older and start making decisions on their own. Parents don’t always agree with them, but a good parent stands by their side and supports them. It is also essential for parents to make their children their first priority, children will never feel neglected in this way. Despite people’s different values and opinions, three of the key qualities of a good parent are setting a good example, unconditionally loving your child and being available. From the day a child is born, the first person they attach to are their parents. Parents are the first influences in their child’s life. Children admire and trust their parents; they think everything their parents do is right. Teaching them right from wrong is vital. For example: if a child observes their parents giving a homeless man on the street the spare change in their pocket, the child will learn that giving and not just receiving is important. Not only is this a quality of a good parent, but this also plays a factor of the child growing up and being a good person in society. Children look up to their parents. Surrounding yourself with good people and good influences affects your child in the way they grow up. Teaching children…

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