The Importance Of A Customer Service Representative Essay

1899 Words Dec 11th, 2015 null Page
Customer service is something that is everywhere and in every business, but good customer service is hard to find. Most of the time, businesses hire a customer service representative to help their business, but what they do not know is how that representative is treating its customers. A customer service representative is the person who accommodates a customer before, during and after their purchase. But over the past years, customer service has been decreasing in value. Not many employees are giving the ultimate representation that they are getting paid for. It is important to good customer service can build loyal customers as well as business equity. This makes customers come back to the business and spend more money. When there is good customer service then that generates positive word to mouth advertising about that business and produces more business. An important way for business to grow and prosper is through good customer service. This paper will discuss three important keys that should be done to increase customer service. The first key will discuss what employees should do to improve customer service. Second key will discuss what employers should be doing to better customer service. The las key to improving customer services will discuss what business as a whole need to be doing to advance customer service.
Employee Requirements The first person that a customer is in contact when purchasing something is the employee. They will ask about the products, the…

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