The Impact That Addiction Can Have On An Individual Essay

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At the micro level, the impact that addiction can have on an individual who identifies as GLBT can be devastating. The fear and shame that can accompany coming out of the closet as a gay person, especially for someone who has been bullied or made to feel unworthy of acceptance, may indeed cause immeasurable damage. It is no mystery, then, that many LGBT people turn to drugs and alcohol, as an escape mechanism, in attempts to diminish emotional, physical and psychological pain (Parsley, 2014).
At the mezzo level, it is common for rejection to starts at home. As many as 50 percent of LGBT teens experience adverse reactions from their parents when they come out; 30 percent experience physical abuse and 26 percent are forced out of their homes (Friedman, 2014). Statistics show that LGBT children comprise 40 percent of all homeless youth with family rejection being the primary cause (Friedman, 2014). Additionally, LGBT adults who have been rejected by their families are six times more likely to be depressed, three times more likely to use illegal drugs and eight times more likely to have attempted suicide than adults who have experienced acceptance by their nuclear family (Friedman, 2014).
This social justice issue is further exacerbated at the macro level. Antigay and antitransgender social prejudice stems from the belief that being gay or transgender is somehow wrong, sinful or immoral. The subtleties of these prejudices can be cunning. For example, there are many…

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